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Toc Toc

Toc Toc if last week what could be a magnificent example of how to bring a theatrical success to the big screen, Toc Toc we are talking about “La Llamada”; This new installment of weekly releases brings us an example of something totally opposite with “Knock knock“. The two functions, in addition to sharing theatrical billboard for years in the capital, serve as a contrasting example of successes and errors in the question of adapting a play to the cinema.

In the film we will learn about the particular case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) suffered by its six protagonists: Emilio (Paco León), Blanca (Alexandra Jiménez), Ana María (Rossy de Palma), Lili (Nuria Herrero), Otto (Adrián Lastra ) and Federico (Oscar Martínez). Each one with a particular case of OCD (Tourette Syndrome, Diogenes Syndrome and obsession with mathematical calculation, compulsive verification disorder, repetition, obsessions with lines in the ground, with bacteria …) will go to the consultation of a famous psychologist with the promise of improving his acute symptoms, but due to problems on the agenda, they will all have been summoned the same day at the same time.

What happens in Toc Toc

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Duration: 90 min


IMDb: 6.8