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Rocks on the Rocks is the new comedy in which Bill Murray and Sofía Coppola work together for the first time since Lost in Rocks Translation was released in 2003. The director reunites with her “muse” in this new adventure in which Rashida also participates Jones.

Sofia Coppola shocked the world in 1999 when she turned The Virgin Suicides (the cult film starring Kirsten Dunst about a group of teenagers who fall in love with their tragic neighbors) into her first film as a director, reaching cult status in 2003 with Los in Translation and ended up establishing himself as one of the great new voices of cinema with films such as Marie Antoinette and Somewhere, with which his characteristic style, as if taken from a dream, ended up conquering the world.

This is not one of those directors who make a movie every year, choose her projects carefully and do only what she likes and is most interested in, and now she is back with two of her best collaborators, Bill Murray (who is also “ Wes Anderson’s muse ”and an unexpected style icon) and Phoenix, the band (her husband’s) that has built the soundtrack to many of her films.

What happens in Rocks

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Duration: 93 min


IMDb: 7.6