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Christmas Time

Christmas Time not so long ago, there were three or four new Christmas movies a year. Now it seems like there are Christmas Time 30 or 40, and if you’re wondering how that assembly line of holiday product gets filled, the answer is: by recycling endless variations on the same yuletide fairy-tale kitsch and we’re-all-one-big-nettlesome-Christmas-family glorified-sitcom cheer.

Take “The Christmas Chronicles 2.” Directed by Chris Columbus, with his leftover-’80s synthetic-is-the-new-real life’s-a-snow-globe touch, it’s a movie in which Santa Claus, played with winning macho bluster by Kurt Russell, has to save Christmas from the depredations of an angry fallen elf. But it’s also a family-therapy movie; a tale about the logistics of Christmas set at a North Pole that’s like a resort shopping mall filled with snow that looks like a blanket of Ivory-soap shavings; a “Raiders of the Lost Santa” sleigh-race-through-the-air action movie; and a comedy bauble that’s so snarky about the second-handedness of its holiday tropes that it somehow turns cynicism into sentimentality.

What happens in Christmas Time

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IMDb: 6.0