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Blue My Mind

Blue My Mind amid all the controversy surrounding this year’s Fantastic Fest, there’s one group that should not Blue My Mind get lost in the shuffle: The female filmmakers whose works screened at the festival. If the film industry in general is male-dominated, the genre film world is even more so, making visibility and support for the women who do defy the odds essential. In the past couple of years, movies directed by women have begun making slow, incremental progress at Fantastic Fest, and this year continued the trend. Over the past three days, I’ve seen some films from female writers and directors with strong (and wildly divergent) personal visions, from an extremely violent revenge fantasy to a conventional biopic about an unconventional romance.

The question of authorial intent is extremely relevant to Professor Marston And The Wonder Women (B-), writer-director Angela Robinson’s biopic about Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston and the two women with whom he shared his life. As a member of the LGBTQ community, Robinson says she made a conscious choice to film the movie in a conventional Hollywood style, rich with period details (fans of ‘30s and ‘40s vintage fashion are in for a treat) but shot and scored with a generic, glossy “awards movie” sheen. According to Robinson, her intent was to normalize a polyamorous BDSM relationship by treating it just like any other period romance. And indeed, the film is one of the most kink-and poly-positive movies I’ve ever seen, period, let alone one distributed by a major indie like Annapurna. The problem is, Robinson won’t be there to explain her choice to audiences who see the film at their local multiplex.

What happens in Blue My Mind

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